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We invented the Smart City Gate to incorporate all of the services, connectivity and functionalities required within a Smart City [5G, First aid, surveillance, air purification]. But more, we wanted a product where Beauty is Form and Form is Function.  The material of its strong feet can be chosen between a variety of options so that it will mold in to the pavement. We designed them strong to anchor Smart City Gate safely on every surface and also on un-even sideways, so that you don’t have to worry about strong winds and any extreme weather condition.


LCD Screen active area: [mm] 928x1650 (75") - 1066x1895 (86")
Screensize: [inches] 75” - 86"
LCD Screen resolution: [pixels]  2160x3840 (UHD)
Brightness max: [cd/m2] 4500    
Warranted brightness: [cd/m2] 3500 (outside the glass)
Brightness levels: [%]  0-100% with steps of 1%
Colour temperature: [K]  6500
Dynamic Contrast ratio: 10000:1
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Viewing angle: [degrees]  +/- 89°
Viewable colours: 16.8M

Protection grade: IP67


The two large 4K UltraHD screens, available in 86” and 75” sizes, can display high quality HDR content on one or both sides according to the planning. The screens are slightly curved toward the outside so to further improve the viewing angle and to create an immersive experience. The proprietary backlighting system provides up to 6.000 Nits with a pure white light at 6500K for optimal readability when exposed to sunlight. At the end of its life cycle, a patented solution allows the easy and cost effective replacement of the backlight unit alone by means of a normal maintenance operation.

Voilàp Gate1 Display Imecon
Voilàp Gate1 JoT - Remote Management Imecon
JoT - Remote Management

The Smart City Gate uses its embedded 4G sim-on-chip router to upload all the device’s performance indicator to our JoT BigData database. JoT applies AI algorithms to ensure the Gate correct operations. The feedback is then used to further improve the AI algorithms. A qualified operator can always override the AI algorithms and manage the Gate remotely. Higher up-time and lower maintenance results into a lower TCO of the Gate.

User interface

A 15.6” touch screen provides a user friendly UX to all of the accessories and integrates with the Smart City infrastructure backbone.

Voilàp Gate1 User interface Imecon
Voilàp Gate1 Beauty, Form, Function Imecon
Beauty, Form, Function

This is what we mean with “Functional Beauty”.

The side pillars

The side pillars are built of three parts: the foot, the body and the top-cap. While providing a safe and robust anchor to the ground, they can host multiple options: are tall, so that in their top-cap the municipality can place lights and signal the Gate’s reassuring presence together with any special condition that is happening in its nearby. It has been designed monolithic to reassure humans and to make you safer, 4K Surveillance micro-Cameras can be installed as well.

Voilàp Gate1 5G Infrastructure Imecon
5G Infrastructure

If the City’s goal is to deploy a 5G network, then Smart City Gate is the one-stop-shop solution: its shelter can host 5G routing devices and multi-tenant microcells while a large variety of 5G Antennas can be placed in the top-cap  at over 4.5 meters height to protect humans and maximize transmitting power.


Each functional area of the Smart City Gate has a separate access key so that equipment will be accessible only to the right operator. To simplify maintenance, we have included a purpose built ladder in the Technical Shelter to effortlessly climb on the top of the Gate; all of the required tools are placed inside the shelter too. Keeping its feet clean is also straightforward and can be accomplished with the same tools normally used to clean the streets.

Voilàp Gate1 Maintenance Imecon

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