Quindici.01 - 55 - Portrait

Every location has its own needs, Imecon has therefore created the Quindici.01 to fulfill them all. Anodized aluminium and axtraclear safety glass form the perfect structure to resist to any weather condition and shocks. Play your contents at a 4K UHD resolution with brilliant and vivid colours even in full sunlight. Several size available (55" to 86"), this device deploys the Imecon patented interchangable backlight system to optimize predictive maintenance an ensure long-term continuous brightness of up to 6000Nits. Performance prediction is one of the main feature of Jot, the software that remotely manages the device's system through big data gathered via cloud. The new SuperIOT, managed by Imecon AI, is responsible for the deployment of the best performances and for the gathering of big data in easy-to-read charts available online.


LCD Screen active area: [mm] 680x1210
Screensize: [inches] 55”
LCD Screen resolution: [pixels]  1920x1080 (FHD)
Brightness max: [cd/m2] 4500    
Warranted brightness: [cd/m2] 3500 (outside the glass)
Brightness levels: [%]  0-100% with steps of 1%
Colour temperature: [K]  6500
Dynamic Contrast ratio: 10000:1
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Viewing angle: [degrees]  +/- 89°
Viewable colours: 16.8M

Protection grade: IP67

Maximum efficiency, minimum consumption

A product able to study and comprehend the location it is installed in.
Deploying a series of environmental sensors, the Quindici.01 optimizes its functioning to always perform at its best and save energy: small investment, big return.

Quindici.01 - 55 - Portrait  Maximum efficiency, minimum consumption Imecon
Quindici.01 - 55 - Portrait  The "Smart" in Smart City Imecon
The "Smart" in Smart City

Quindici.01 is the solution chosen by several important cities through Europe: Milano to Madrid via Belfast, Amsterdam, Stockholm... Services, information, Advertisement, all in one

Faster with the perfect integration of Jot and The Tail

Body and soul: the artificial intelligence of Imecon is optimized to work at its best with the Quindici.01. It keeps gathering Big Data to study the performance of the device, thus creating performance prediction: the Quindici.01 will pinpoint potential malfunctioning before it happen and adapt its behaviour notifying a warning via the channels you selected on the software. Perfect cooperation of Hardware and Software thought from the very first draft.

Quindici.01 - 55 - Portrait  Faster with the perfect integration of Jot and The Tail Imecon
Bright and sharp

Nothing is more important than being able to read contents in a clear and effective way, that's why the perfect 4K-UHD resolution of the Quindici.01 is enhanced by the brightest backlight ever developed by Imecon. It is so goodlooking that you cant' lift your eyes.

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