Lcd Billboard - 42 Stretch - landscape

Change the way you communicate to the outside world. Imecon billboards are high-brightness devices that can be installed indoors or outdoors, able to attract your attention by showing dynamic contents. A product ready to be integrated into retail communication or innovative solutions for smart cities. It can show specific information updating them in real time or promotional and edutainment videos: the high brightness and the 4K ultra Hd definition of the screens allows the perfect readability of the contents.

Diagonal: [inch] 42 Stretch
Diagonal: [mm] 1072
Resolution: [standard] Full HD
Resolution: [pixel] 1920x540
Brightness: [cd/m2] 700
Pixel Pitch: [mm] 0,54
Form Factor: [ratio] 36:9
Height: [mm] 260
Width: [mm] 1040
Sides: Single
Structure: Metal
Installation: Wall-mounting
Front glass [OPT]
Paint Powder coating
Colour: Grey (RAL7016)
Height: [mm] 440
Width: [mm] 1220
Depht: [mm] N/A
Maintenance: Rear
CPU: processor Intel Celeron N3160 / Intel i3/ Intel i5 /Intel i7 / Rizen
RAM: 4/8 GB
Storage SSD: 64/128 GB
Operating System: Windows s10 IoT / Linux
CMS: TheTail stand-alone
Remote control: Yes
Diagnostics [OPT]
External connections: LAN, USB (protected)
Cables routing
Power Plug: IEC (protected)
Touch screen [OPT]
Webcam [OPT]
Speaker [OPT]
WiFi [OPT]
Bluetooth [OPT]
Router LTE [OPT]
Weight: [Kg] 70
Protection Index: 
Certifications: CE
Power Supply: 100-240VAC
Average Power: [W] 
Max Power: [W] 
Operating Temperature: [°C] 5°C - 40°C (RH <90%)
Storage Temperature: [°C] 0°C - 50°C (RH <90%)

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